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Los Padres National Forest – Stream Condition Inventory

On behalf of the United States Forest Service (USFS) and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), we are conducting a comprehensive inventory of stream condition in the Santa Maria and Santa Ynez River Watersheds. For this project, we are assessing impacts from the Zaca Fire to water resources and aquatic habitat, providing baseline information […]

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Zanja de Cota Creek Steelhead Habitat Assessment

On behalf of the Santa Ynez band of Chumash Mission Indians, we are performing a stream condition assessment of the lower Zanja de Cota Creek on the Santa Ynez Chumash Reservation, a historic steelhead stream and tributary to the lower Santa Ynez River. The Southern California Steelhead is a federally listed endangered species and historically […]

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Hydrologic Considerations of Drill Site No. 7

In February 2015, CFROG filed an appeal with the County of Ventura for a project consisting of 19 new oil wells on existing well pads adjacent to the Santa Paula Creek in Ventura County. CFROG hired us to assess potential environmental impacts from these wells, and to better understand the potential environmental risks from the […]

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Los Padres National Forest – Road Inventory and Erosion Assessment

In 2017, we began a comprehensive assessment of forest roads in the watersheds affected by the Zaca and Jesusita Fires. On behalf of the U.S. Forest Service through the NFWF LPNF Wildfires Restoration Grant Program, we identified erosion and road issues that are impacting downstream resources or jeopardizing road integrity. To achieve this objective, over […]

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Northern Ventura County Coastal Watershed Project (NVCCWP)

On behalf of the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, Blue Tomorrow partnered with Dr. Arturo Keller from the University of California, Santa Barbara to perform a watershed assessment and environmental sampling of five coastal watersheds in northern Ventura County. The goal of this study was to identify impacts of hydraulic fracturing and oil […]

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Miramar Oil Plume Investigation

This project was initiated over concerns from Heal the Ocean (HTO) and community members surrounding frequent observations of oil slicks off the coast of Miramar Beach in Montecito, California. The objective of this project was to investigate the likelihood that the oil slick and sheen observed on the surface of the water near Miramar is […]

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Arvin Air Quality Project

The Arvin Air Quality Project is being conducted on behalf of the Central California Environmental Justice Network to provide air quality monitoring and raise public awareness around the city of Arvin, California. Arvin was ranked by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2007 to have the worst ozone air pollution levels in the […]

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Community Support Projects

The Blue Tomorrow Community Support Project is conducted on behalf of community groups that are concerned with potential impacts from industrial operations in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. We at Blue Tomorrow provide science-based technical information, and partnerships are formed with stakeholders and various local groups who provide funding, labor, and other resources to support […]

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Review of the Programmatic Environmental Assessment of the Use of Well Stimulation Treatment on the Southern California Outer Continental Shelf (EA)

In February 2016 the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (overseeing the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf Region) released a draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Use of Well Stimulation Treatments (WST) on the Southern California Outer Continental Shelf. The Environmental Defense Center (EDC) commissioned us to conduct […]

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