Community Support Projects

The Blue Tomorrow Community Support Project is a branch of Blue Tomorrow, LLC. Through the Community Support Project, specific projects are designed to provide science-based technical information to community groups that are concerned about impacts from industrial operations in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, such as oil and gas extraction. Partnerships are formed with stakeholders and various local groups who provide funding, labor, and other resources to support the projects.

The Community Support Project is fiscally sponsored by the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, a 501(c)(3), which administers charitable donations and grants directed towards the projects. Donations go directly to projects through supporting administration, project development, project execution, and public outreach of significant findings. Partnerships and project designs will vary based on specific concerns and funding opportunities.

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The following are current Community Support Projects being performed by Blue Tomorrow (click on the project title or picture for documents and a more detailed description).



Northern Ventura County Coastal Watersheds Risk Assessment of Transported Metals




mussels on rock


Assessing the Accumulation of Stormwater Pollutants in Mussels on the Northern Ventura County Coast



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