Los Padres National Forest – Road Inventory and Erosion Assessment

In 2017, we began a comprehensive assessment of forest roads in the watersheds affected by the Zaca and Jesusita Fires. On behalf of the U.S. Forest Service through the NFWF LPNF Wildfires Restoration Grant Program, we identified erosion and road issues that are impacting downstream resources or jeopardizing road integrity. To achieve this objective, over 200 miles of forest roads were surveyed using the Geomorphic Road Analysis and Inventory Package (GRAIP) methodology. Roads were inventoried, erosional features quantified and mapped, and road connectivity to the stream network evaluated. Improvements to road segments are specified for areas that provide the greatest potential downstream benefits if restored. Information generated through this road inventory is valuable for planning improvements, and monitoring road conditions and impacts. This project enhances the effectiveness of the LPNF by documenting, mapping, and spatially analyzing the current road conditions and identifying priority improvements that benefit forest resources, downstream habitat, and firefighting needs.


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