Los Padres National Forest – Interpretive Signage Project

The Los Padres Forest Association (LPFA) collaborated with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and Blue Tomorrow, LLC on site design, content development, and to identify appropriate installation sites. The signs are located near areas impacted by the 2007 Zaca Fire to educate a wide array of visitors about forest ecosystems, wildfire ecology, and riparian habitat and sensitive species. Additionally, map panels were developed and sited in areas to provide information and guidance to forest visitors. The signs effectively promote education of forest users and proper management of forest resources by explaining the necessity of fire in maintaining healthy ecosystems while also emphasizing the negative impacts of more frequent and intense wildfires on the forest landscape. The signs have proved to be well-received by forest users and will remain as a long-lasting valuable resource for the LPNF in their effort to encourage shared stewardship of the forest.