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Assessments are valuable for understanding the magnitude and extent of an environmental problem. We incorporate peer-reviewed literature, credible existing information, and Blue Tomorrow collected data to assess pollutant impacts and risks to people and the environment. At Blue Tomorrow, we pride ourselves in being problem solvers. Based on our assessments, we specify remediation or mitigation strategies using Best Management Practices and Best Available Technologies. Click on the links below for more information and contact us to talk about these services.

We provide impact assessments for specific sites and at the watershed scale. Site assessments can involve identifying pollutants and their sources, extent of contamination, and risks to receptors. A watershed assessment is a comprehensive approach to understanding and managing water resources at a basin scale. Watersheds supply drinking water, and provide habitat, recreation, and other beneficial uses, which require balanced and sustainable management. Watershed assessments focus on identifying pollutants of concern, point and non-point pollutant sources, pollution prevention and control strategies, and tracking progress towards meeting watershed goals and objectives.

Specific chemical compounds, concentrations, and exposure pathways are some of the factors considered when evaluating risk. We use various screening levels and industry standards to determine potential risks to people and species of concern. Detailed literature review, spatial analysis, and fate and transport modeling are combined with sample results to assist in estimating risk.

We develop specific strategies to mitigate identified impacts based on our on-the-ground data collection, analyses, and assessments. Depending on the project objective, these could involve a coordinated approach with various stakeholders, or targeted for a specific resource management agency. We specify Best Management Practices and Best Available Technologies and other mitigation solutions grounded in literature or sound emerging technologies.


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