What We Do
Data Collection

A core element of what we do involves on-the-ground data collection. Whether through an investigative study or compliance monitoring, we specialize in providing quality assured data, often in remote areas. Our field teams consist of environmental scientists experienced in collecting physical, chemical, and biological data in accordance with standardized sampling and surveying protocols. For continuous monitoring, we deploy sensors and develop customized monitoring devices to remotely access real-time-data. Click on the links below for more information and contact us to talk about these services.

Environmental sampling is critical for understanding pollutant levels and assessing risk to human health and the natural environments. Whether onsite or downstream (or downwind) of a pollutant source, we can customize a sampling scope that meets your project objectives. Our staff is experienced in various water, sediment, and biological sampling. We handle coordination with certified-laboratories to ensure quality assurance requirements are met, and analyze and communicate lab results to our clients.

Employing standardized and repeatable data collection methods are important tools for resource managers. Our field crews are trained in various survey protocols to collect detailed information on characteristics of streams, roads, and habitats. This information can be collected with a number of different objectives in mind, from assessing impacts to environmental resources to identifying restoration opportunities.

Continuous monitoring is valuable for understanding fluctuations of pollutants and parameters (e.g., temperature, dissolved oxygen, etc.) over time. On many of our projects, we deploy sensors that detect various constituents in air or water. For specific projects that require real-time monitoring, we link sensors with telemetry and customized monitoring websites to access data remotely.


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